Unions fail to organise drinking session in a brewery

Unite managed to mess up the simple process of issuing one ballot to each of their members in their strike ballot before Christmas.

Now the rail unions have failed in this when organising a rail strike ballot.

Next up for the unions is an attempt to organise a drinking session in a brewery.


Anonymous said...

I doubt they could even lose their virginity at a family gathering in Norfolk

Anonymous said...

Unlike you politicians who have covered yourselves in glory over the last 12 months. Running down the only support working people have again.


KelvinKid said...

Your post is a piece of ignorance. As an ex-PCS steward I am well aware of how difficult is is to keep accurate records. Members change workplace and rarely tell their stewards. Management re-organise workplaces and refuse to divulge staff lists for the new locations. They also refuse stewards time to approach members to update records. The balloting procedures are at one and the same time complicated and vague with the deliberate aim of making employer litigation possible.

Presumably you are concerned with liberty. I thus find it hard to understand why you support the massive state intervention in union members' freedom the Tory employment legislation represents.