Lib Dems go for football fans vote

Don Foster MP has written very sensibly for Lib Dem voice about the need to consider having safe standing areas at football grounds. The fact that this would also make economic sense for fans and football clubs alike seems eminently sensible.

You can read more about it HERE.


Michael Heaver said...

As a fan of Chelsea, standing areas would be a superb way of letting "proper" fans create atmosphere. Last time I went to Stamford Bridge I was asked by a steward to sit down after I got carried away with a sing-a-long. Bad times...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Indeed. I personally prefer sitting, but I have stood (prior to 1992) and would have no problem with that (given that I am 6:3").

I have only recently become a real convert to the idea of standing areas, but for teams like Chelsea, who rip fans off to the tune of £1000+ a year because they ahve a limited capacity, it might be a way for real fans to be actually able to get to matches at a more reasonable price.

Thanks for your comment.