The sordid squalid deal that can explain the Murdoch empire's support of the Tories

Today the News of the World announced it would be backing the Tories at the next general election.

In the meantime, Ofcom are probing Sky TV and their stranglehold monopoly of the pay TV market with recommendations to force Sky to be more open to competition. You know, the same competition that "free market" thinkers, the ones the Tories claim to represent, say is the cornerstone of this country's business model.

The problem is, as the Robert Peston article makes clear, the Tories don't support Ofcom. Indeed, they may abolish Ofcom and allow Sky TV to maintain their monopoly position.

As Robert Peston writes;

This is what Mr Cameron said last July: "with a Conservative Government, Ofcom as we know it will cease to exist. Its remit will be restricted to its narrow technical and enforcement roles. It will no longer play a role in making policy."
Also, News Corporation's most-widely-read newspaper, the Sun ("wot won it"), has switched allegiance from Labour to the Tories - and is currently heaping opprobrium on the government in its pages with what reads like undisguised relish.
So it is clear to me the the Tories are buying support from the Murdoch empire in return for letting them dominate and have a monopoly position.

Of course, Cameron could prove me wrong by letting the Ofcom investigation in to Sky go ahead but what are the chances of that happening ?

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