Tory praise for Vince Cable

The Tories don't like Vince Cable. They don't like the fact that he is trusted by people because he speaks common sense, has a dry unplanned humour that seems natural and unrehearsed, and they don't like the fact that he has been proved right so many times and provides a sharp contrast between himself and the Tories George Osborne

It was Vince Cable who said that Northern Rock might have to be nationalised whilst the Tories claimed the plan was ridiculous. In the end Vince was proved right whilst the Tories never ever produced a plan for Northern Rock other than to oppose whatever the government suggested.

It was Vince who talked about more regulation of rogue banks whilst the Tories were moaning about there being too much regulation on the financial sector.

Vince too has real world experience as a someone with real responsibility in one of the world's biggest companies. Vince's knowledge is based on working his way to the top, living in the real world and not having things handed to him on a plate by virtue of his old school tie.

So it is rare but refreshing to see a Tory pointing out that Vince Cable is leading and the Tories following in his wake.

The truth is, if you want Vince Cable, you need to vote Lib Dem.


Anonymous said...

So why is this financial genius in a party with an economic policy almost exactly the same as that of the two other main parties?

We would still be in the mess we are in now if the lib dems were in charge as they are following the same dead-end, chaotic, free market policies that the others have.

Many people were predicting the total meltdown of the economy long before that Cable chap came on TV after the event to tell us all why it went wrong. "Following your policies mate" is the correct response, a la Paxman.

LibCync said...

I was out canvasing yesterday and Vince's name came up positively from supporters of other parties and none.