The Telegraph reveals that Nick Clegg ...

... properly registered donations of £250 a month from three seperate businessmen to pay for a member of staff.

Sorry. Have I missed something here ? But it seems to be that the right wing pro Tory Telegraph is trying to say that something NIck Clegg offiicially declared back in 2006, was registered correctly, and went towards paying for a member of staff, is somehow wrong.

The adage of throwing enough mud at a wall and hoping some of it will stick seems to be the Tory press and Tory bloggers only weapons at the moment.


Fitaloon said...

Oh dear so behind the times it has been the LabourGraph for some time. It is their prime vehicle for releasing these sort of nuggets.

Alan said...

"I agree with Nich"

The tactic won't work. Clegg has been "Diana-fied" by the public, and anyone who criticises this will attract opprobium.

Cameron is wise to not get into this himself: doesn't matter if the public retaliate against the Tory press - they have thick skins.

Cameron's strongest point, and Clegg's weakest, is to point out that the LibDem grassroots would much rather prop up a Labour administration than a Tory one.

The vast majority of negative comments from LDs are anti-Tory (just consider your own blog entries) rather than anti-Labour. Nothing wrong with that, but it does put the lie to equidistance. Gordon is right (did I really say that?) in that there is a potential centre-Left majority.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I guess Alan it depends where you start from in politics. For most of my life I have lived in tory seats trying to turn them Lib Dem so I will start with an anti Tory bias.

That said, I do think the government are pretty awful, I have just never had the bile towards them that I had to the Tories. Perhaps being around in the Thatcher era leaves a permanant scar ?

I also think the fact that the tories ahve had the pres sin their pockets for so many years really sticks in my throat. I see too that the Daily Scum (Daily mail/ Daily Hate) has an anti Lib Dem story which is also just a rehash of info in the public domain dressed up as sleaze.

Alan said...

Nich - I think your background and thinking are quite typical of LibDem activists (from what I understand) - forged in the Thatcher years.

This is the big dilemma for Clegg (and I would be interested in your take on this at some stage) - if there is a hung parliament, he has two competing pressures:

1. The party is the most democratic (i.e. the activists have much more say than in Labour or Tory), but they are largely anti-Tory, and strongly so.

2. Propping up Labour is likely to be seen by the public (who voted for change) as a massive betrayal which will be ruthlessly punished.

So which way to jump? This is genuinely a hard decision for Clegg, and I feel for him.

Of course, maybe the dilemma may not arise...

Ewan Hoyle said...

This is great news. The conservative press are demonstrating that they are desperate to find something damaging on Nick Clegg. If they do eventually find something potentially damaging. All this crying of "Wolf!" is going to cause the population to ignore it.

Keith Elliott said...

Iain Dale makes a very fair and generous assessment of the twisted nature of these attacks on his blog.

I am hoping voters see through these vicious attacks...

Manfarang said...

Yes Iain refers to the Nazi story in the Mail.
Apparently Mr. Clegg had spoken about British triumphalism over WW2victory a few years ago.
We must remember that China also won WW2.
Which brings me to a more recent comment by Mr.Cameron on the need to retain Trident because of the threat from China.
Maybe this evening Mr Cameron will explain about this yellow peril.

Anonymous said...

but putting it into his personal account?

how thick?