Nadine Dorries losing the plot ?

It appears that the Tories are starting to feel the pressure as it is reported HERE that Nadine Dorries rather "lost it" at a public meeting in her constituency when a Lib Dem councillor had the brazen nerve to walk in to the meeting to hear what she had to say.

So much for a more "open" style of politics that Dave promised.


Michael Heaver said...

That link doesn't seem to be working for me Nich?

To be fair, I do have a soft spot for Dorries who at least seems to have a bit of principle. That's more than can be said for a lot of Tory MPs nowadays.

Alan said...

Well done. You've found one of the only stories that doesn't feature the self-destruction of St Vince in the Chancellors debate, and the double-counting black hole in the LD manifesto.

No comments on that then, Nich?

No. Thought not.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Some of us have jobs to do and cannot watch daytime debates and some of us have to work when we get home.

I've been marking books, speaking to the Chairman of the Parish Council, talking to a resident who has a problem with an overhanging tree and wondered about the course of action he should take, and aside from Iain Dale's narrative on this and one or two other right wing Tories, I have seen most people say it was very balanced.

The clips I saw showed Osborne being rather aggressive to Darling which I thought look arrogant and showed Vince being asked questions and interrupted by Neil and Flanders. I dont for one moment expect that Neil and Flanders would be even handed to Vince as they have never EVER been fair to the Lib Dems in the past.

Did you have as mich to do as me today ? No, thought not !

Alan said...

Thanks for making assumptions about my life. (I clearly touched a nerve.)

I got home at 21.30, and quickly realised that a big story was the Chancellors debate. I went to your website to see what take you had (as I value your views on LD related news). All I saw was some non-story about a minor Tory backbencher.

We all make choices about the limited time we have available - you chose to spend your limited time on some minor Nadine Dorries, and not on Vince (or even, tomorrow's debate). I was surprised, and thus unusually disappointed, by your choice.

As I don't know the details, I won't make any assumptions about whether you did more than me today, or whether you Dad is bigger than mine.

Norfolk Blogger said...

When I am busy I do not have the time to wtei in depth stuff about some issues. However, since it was only the extreme tory bloggers talking about the chancellors stuff, I really didn't beleive what they were saying. After all, they were the same ones who claimed Cameron had won the debate last week.

Actually, you were the one who started making assumptions with the "Thought not" stuff.

It's like reading the Daily Mail, you know the bias and take that in to account.

I had two minutes free, read the stuff about Dorries, who I personally dislike, and put the link to it. It only took two minutes as opposed to having to sit and watch a full debate on iPlayer, then writing an essay on it.

Whilst many bloggers may write aobut things they ahve not seen or watched, I really try not to do that.