No outright winner from tonight's debate.

Tonight's Prime Ministerial debate appears to have given no leader an outright win like last week.

YouGov had the results as Cameron 36%, Clegg 32% and Brown 28%.

ComRes had Clegg: 33%,  Brown: 30% and Cameron: 30%

Whilst Angus Reid have (in what is still a live poll) Clegg 35%, Cameron 32% and Brown 23%

So given the fact that there are three polls, guess which one the Rupert Murdoch owned Sky News are reporting ?

Yes, the YouGov poll paid for by The Sun.

I felt the debate was nowhere near as well run as last week. Sky seemed to abandon the remit which was that this debate was on foreign policy and Europe (why there was a question about The Pope was in this section is a mystery).

Adam Boulton kept interrupting Nick Clegg and started asking his own questions about The Telegraph headline today, which was outrageous.


Alan said...

This was the first debate that I have managed to be home to see, and I have to say that I was impressed with Clegg - now I understand why the surge has happened.

Having said that, I understood that Cam & Brown were not very engaged last week, and this certainly wasn't the case this week.

I would say this was broadly a draw between all three - GB much more animated than I expected.

So it seems that this really moving into a 3-party election, rather than a 2+1 - which is what we have previously had.

This is a double edged sword for Clegg - he will face (and is already starting to face) the kind of scrutiny & press outrages that the big boys get (think GBs handwriting or Sam Cam modelling pics). This may be a change to LibDems who have always been treated as a "smaller party" with the associated kid gloves.

Alan said...

Nich - just noticed your offhand comment about YouGov being paid for by Murdoch.

Do you really think YouGov (or any other major poller) change their results based on who pays them? If you want people to tell you what you want to hear, there are far cheaper ways than a poll.

I am sure you did not mean to suggest this (as it would be the kind of underhand slur that Clegg rightly rails against; and also out of character for you).

Norfolk Blogger said...

But Alan, it has already been admitted by youGov that they started polling before Clegg's excellent closing statement.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Cameron was the winner as you can now see by the polls.