Sky News now firmly under Murdoch editorial control

I was amazed how many times Adam Boulton interrupted Nick Clegg tonight. I was astonished that Boulton then asked his own special question to Nick Clegg about the Telegraph slurs.

Then after the debate they  reported the result of only one post debate poll (the one that had Cameron ahead) and failed to report the statistics of the other two polls which had Clegg ahead and only said they were "close".

It seems that Sky news is now firmly under the editorial control of Murdoch. It certainly makes the case for why we need a BBC News Channel so that Murdoch cannot control our broadcast news media as his control of the printed press diminishes with the rise of the internet.

UPDATE - It is being widely reported on Twitter that the YouGov/Sun poll is unreliable as they started their poll before Clegg has actually spoken to sum up ! Absolutely shocking that SKY should report this poll and ignore the others.


Alan said...

I only noticed one interjection/comment from Boulton (on the HefferGraph front page) - didn't think there was anything wrong with it, but he should have done that to Cam & Brown too. Alittle bit of spice from the interviewers helps to keep it lively.

Unfair to only have one pointed comment aimed at Clegg. Could have mentioned todays appalling employment figs (for Brown) or falling poll ratings (for Cam).

Anonymous said...
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Norfolk Blogger said...

I have deleted one comment as it was blatant spamming by the English Democrats with no relevance to the story.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I am just as concerned about the bias of the BBC. We need Sky to show the middle way view.

You know Nich you sound and act(Deleting comments you do not like) more like a left wing Labour party member than a Liberal. You must look to your leader and take a leaf out of his book.