One to read ... Day 19

With the Daily attacks from the right wing press misleading people about the Lib Dems policy on immigration, it is worth reading Bracknell Blog's explanation of the current 14 year rule (which Labour and Tory parties support) which allowed an amnesty for all illegal immigrants.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Well it looks like you may be working with the Tories after the election. How do you feel about that.? Will the left of your party accept it or will they defect to labour. It is not supprising as Clegg has had a classic privledged Tory upbringing. Still true Liberals should go together far better with the Conservatives under Cameron than Labour. Look forward to working with you Nich

dazmando said...

Thanks for the link

VB said...

related to the issue of immigration, you and your readers might be interested in a debate race thinktank Runnymede recently held w Norman Lamb, Charles Clarke and others on race equality in Norfolk: