Did you spot the unpatriotic element of the Tory Party Election Broadcast ?

Did anyone see the Tory PEB ? Did anyone notice the money in the broken piggy bank ?

If you look closely you will see all the coins were US dollars.

Isn't it slightly odd that the "keep the pound" party are using piggy banks full of US dollars ?


Bill Quango MP said...

What is Clegg doing?
Sunday he rules out a partnership with Brown.
Tuesday - He won't rule out a partnership with Brown.

Does he just want to be Home Secretary in a Brown government?
Playing the quite nice but a bit dim Alan Johnson role?

He was right to insist Brown goes as part of a deal. The number of Labour supporters is around 30%.
The number of Brownite supporters can be counted on one hand.

Luke said...
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Luke said...

They say Gordon Brown was fiscally conservative, but clearly Nick Clegg/Vince Cable would do a better job as they dont plan on wasting precious tax payer money on the silly ID card scheme (£5 billion) or tens of billions on new nuclear weapons:


And incidentally, talking of Trident, It's an American weapons system that requires constant maintenance by, yes you guess its: The Americans.

Given its cost we might a well be printing dollar bills!