Lord Dale ?

Is it just me or do I detect a "Pick me ! Pick me !" in THIS posting ?

I know Iain is not one of the options, but I guess if you can't get elected and can't get selected, you could always get appointed ?

The problem is that the Lords loses legitimacy if it is filled with placemen who have failed in their attempts to get in to the House of Commons. Personally, I think the Tories have been crazy not to have selected Iain Dale in one of the many vacancies that have appeared in the wake of the expenses scandal, so perhaps this is a way for him to become a parliamentarian. I think Iain would do a good job and David Cameron could (and almost certainly will) do a lot worse.


Iain Dale said...

er, I think it is just you, Nich. Power has made you feel dizzy!

Belated congrats on your by election win!

Anonymous said...

This is boring and irrelevant

and it makes politics look like your little game. Which it is, of course.

You should go for a civil partnership. You both want it.

Norfolk Blogger said...

How polite Mr Anonymous. We can always rely on the bravery of a person who writes anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Miss, thank you

and it's still boring and irrelvant