Should we be at all surprised ?

So after the budget we are all worse off. Any surprises in that ? I would hope not. The fact is this country's finances are in a mess and more needs to be done about it. The problem we have is that nobody trusts the Labour government to do anything about it and finding anyone who has any real faith in the Tory alternative, George "Gideon" Osborne is like looking for needle in a haystack.

The long and the short of it is that the one person people do trust to tell the truth is Lib Dem shadow chancellor Vince Cable and the only way you will get him in number 11 Downing Street is to vote Lib Dem.

In the meantime, take with a pinch off salt the fake shock from the Tory press that the budget has left people worse off. To deny that the budget would be anything other than one that would make us all poorer in the short term is the very worst kind of politics, but something that the likes of the Daily Mail indulges in every day.


Alan said...

Nich - It always puzzles me why you refer to George Osbourne as Gideon.

I know it his "real" first name, but you don't do this for, say, James (Gordon) Brown or Walther (Menzies) Campbell.

I conclude you are making some point about his parents choice of name being "posh". So is it LibDem policy to pre-judge people based on their names? Or is it that he commited the crime of being born into a wealthly upper-middle class family.

I have always expected childish tit-for-tat class war from the extreme left & extreme right, but I thought the LDs were above this (the L standing for LIBERAL). Am I wrong?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Perhps it is more to do with the fact that as a child there was a children's TV programme voiced over I seem to recall by Peter Davidson called Gideon. I just can't lose the image from my head whenever I see him.

James Higham said...

How many seats are you looking at, Nich?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'd expect a modest increase to about 70 seats if I am being honest but the debates could have a more dramatic effect.

Letters From A Tory said...

"The long and the short of it is that the one person people do trust to tell the truth is Lib Dem shadow chancellor Vince Cable"


If only people realised how rubbish his own policies are rather than just watching him point the finger at other people.

Manfarang said...

We all realise how rubbish Tory policies are.The days when people were deluded into thinking the Tories knew what they were doing are long gone.Mass unemployment,bankruptcy and poverty is what many will get from Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Presumably the Lib dems were dead set against the free market financial idiocy that ended as everyone with half a brain realised it would.

oh, they weren't?

thought not

Antony said...

I am fascinated by the thought that people trust Vince Cable when all the polls show that fewer people trust Clegg-Cable on the economy than either other parties but also fewer than would vote LibDem in an election!!

Or is it that they trust Cable but not Clegg?