Back in the swing of campaigning

After three years of literally doing nothing in the way of political campaigning haven taken a complete break after standing down from North Norfolk District Council, I am now firmly back in the swing of things.

As many of you will know I gained a council seat from the Tories 10 days ago in Taverham North, and in the process of knocking on doors and speaking to local residents, we found so many issues that affect people locally that we are now rolling the whole campaign out to neighbouring wards and taking the political fight to the Tories on issues where local people feel very let down by the Tory County Council and the Tory run District Council.

So tomorrow we are delivering leaflets in Drayton, with the rest of Taverham due to get leaflets in the next few days.

The fact is though, like anything in life, you can simply do too much of something you enjoy and can start to fall out of love with something that you actually care about deeply. For me politics was so important for so many years, but after nearly 20 years of political campaigning I simply tired of if it and started to hate any involvement in political activities. I never tired of representing local people, but I got fed up with the sniping, the negativity and the constant relentlessness of political campaigning.

Now, however, refreshed and enthusiastic, I have never enjoyed my politics more. There is so much to be done in my ward and in neighboring wards to ensure that people have a voice, and it's like starting in politics all over again.

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