Which party is wrecking election night ?

Of the Norfolk constituencies who say that are still intending to do their general election count on the Thursday night, only two appear to be doing what Iain Dale wants.

So far North Norfolk and Norwich South appear to be the only two that will not be held over until Friday.

Looking at who runs the councils, it really is very interesting.

North Norfolk Count - Conducted by Lib Dem run NNDC.

Norwich South Count - Conducted by Labour run Norwich CC.

Norwich North/Broadland Count - Conducted by Tory run Broadland DC

Mid Norfolk/South West Norfolk - Conducted by Tory run Breckland

N/W Norfolk - Conducted by Tory Run Kings Lynn and West Norfolk BC

Great Yarmouth Count - Conducted by Tory Run Great Yarmouth Borough Council

South Norfolk Count - Conducted by Tory run South Norfolk BC.

So which party is wrecking election night ?


Johnny Norfolk said...

Well its up to the LABOUR government to do something about it. However if there are real savings to be made then we need every penny. Perhaps they could stop sending out those self promoting booklets. as well.

Norfolk Blogger said...

All councils are subject to the same pressures. It is clear it is NOT the fault of the government that this is happening. Every council has always had the choice, it is just Tory councils who are going back to the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

It is nothing to do with the Council. It is the choice of the Returning Officer, who is quite rightly, independent of politicians.

JanuskieZ said...
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Norfolk Blogger said...

You obviously have little contact with many returning officers.

If the council were to tell a returning officer (who is usually the council Chief Executive) that every effort must be made to trim costs, he will take the cheaper option.