Are police radios safe ?

THIS report about the use of the TETRA police radio system comes as no surprise to me, having sat through numerous meetings in my time as a District Councillor when we discussed the siting of the police TETRA masts across North Norfolk five years ago.

I was told by a police officer in North Norfolk that the rates of illness went up very quickly after the new masts and radios were introduced. Similarly I was told of headaches, nausea and other problems suffered by residents living near to the mast in one North Norfolk town.

My understanding is that the frequency the TETRA masts work on is different to that used by mobile phones and that the frequency is very close to that which has been known to cause tumors in rats. Similarly, whilst mobile phones only transmit a signal whilst being used, a TETRA radio works differently by being connected for long periods even when not actually in use.

I am not one to start campaigns against phone masts as I am not convinced that the evidence is there to suggest that phone masts are any more dangerous than having a wireless router in your home, but there are genuine concerns about the safety of TETRA masts and the radios that use this system. THIS WEBSITE set up to take reports from police officers who use the TETRA system is evidence of that.

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