Dumbing down the business news

I've just seen one of the dumbest film clips ever on The One Show regarding the Kraft takeover of Cadburys.

Now I know The One Show does very much aim its fire at the lowest common denominator, but I had hoped for something a bit higher than The Sun business pages level of coverage from Adam Shaw, one of the presenters of Working Lunch. But no, instead we got the tripe that I just saw.

In comparing the possible loss of jobs in the Kraft takeover with other takeovers of UK forms, Adam Shaw sought to show how some takeovers can be good for UK jobs. his example of this ? Asda and the takeover by Walmart. Confused ? I should say. Mr Shaw seemed to think that comparing a shop with a manufacturing business was a good comparison. The basic fact that a manufacturer can increase UK market share by producing more overseas  whilst a retailer has to increase its UK workforce if it is to get a larger share of the retail market was lost on Mr Shaw.


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Johnny Norfolk said...

Kraft have anounced they are going to increase production in britain of its brands. I am sure there will be many changes but things move on. Soon you will be able to blame the Tories for everthing again.