Is it any wonder that people despair of politicians ?

When canvassing today in Taverham, I was surprised to hear from local residents that they had been canvassed by the Conservatives who were claiming to oppose a three quarters NDR "Road to nowhere".

The odd thing is I was at a Council meeting on Thursday night when the Tories voted through a new Distrct plan which supported the building of a three quarters Northern Distributor Road (NDR), without making finishing the final link to complete the road.

Is it any wonder that people can despair of politicians when they do one thing at a meeting on a Thursday night yet less than two days later on the Saturday morning they are totally denying that they voted the opposite way.

To be clear, only the Lib Dems have consistently campaigned for a complete Northern Bypass (not NDR) and if this is not possible, the Lib Dems think there should not be an NDR at all. All or nothing because anything else simply sells Taverham and Drayton short.

The fact is the Tories have, for too long, made decisions that impact and affect our area with little consideration for local residents and with a brazen lack of accountability. When we highlight their policies, they try to deny them. Let's hope the electorate send them a message about their duplicity on March 18th.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

would you please publish these election results in full on the blog when available.

Good luck.