What the Tories offer Broadland

At last night's meeting at Broadland District Council to vote on the new development plan for Broadland, the council's attitude towards the NDR and the future of the eco town in Rackheath, amazingly more than one third of the Conservative councillors failed to turn up. Does an empty seat vote ?

Despite Tory councillors at the meeting telling us how important the document was that was being voted on, despite being lectured about the vital blueprint this will give Broadland for the next decade, 12 Tories failed to turn up.

If this is the way the Conservatives treat an "important" decision, you have to ask why so few turned up. The people of Broadland deserve more than an empty chair.

As for the plan itself, it was picked apart in great detail by several members of the public and by Lib Dem councillors. Despite this, the Tories argument was simply "If we don't vote this plan through we will have no plan", simply failed to address the issue that they could have promoed a better plan in the first place.

If you want an example of why the plan is flawed it can be given by the represetative of Ringland Parish Council and also the letter sent in by Felthrpe Parish. Both these villages would be badly hit by any plans for a part NDR "road to nowhere" (indeed this was highlighted by the County Council traffic projections), but both villages was classed for the purposes of the report as "non villages", meaning the way they were consulted and their ability to take new developments was not considered alongside other villages. If two villages who want some development were ignored in order for Broadland Tories to justify their need for 4000 new homes in Rackheath, how much of the report can we believe ?


Anonymous said...

You and the Lib Dems in Broadland are doing a fantastic job holding our useless Tory Council to account.

Broadland needs to spend less time blowing it's own trumpet and more time actually listening to it's residents.

All the best on polling day.

Sara Beaven said...

Congratulations on your recent success in Taverham North Nich. I was at the JCS meeting and like you was quite disgusted with the excuses for voting through a flawed strategy. Good luck to the Lib Dems in the forthcoming elections, lets hope your success is a sign of things to come!