How about turning lights off during the day ?

Norfolk Tories want to turn off most street lights at night, in a move which has angered lots of people across Norfolk. Yet whilst door knocking today I was pointed in the direction of a street light that never ever turns off, indeed, according to one residents, it may have been on for several years.

This light has been reported on a number of occasions, but nothing has been done by The Tory run County Council.

Isn't it crazy that they want to turn off lights at night in the face of much local opposition, but they are happy to let street lights stay on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And as was pointed out in a letter to the EDP yesterday, this is the same County Council who keep their own staff car park lit all night, every night.


Iain Dale said...

Nich, having not read your blog for a few days I have just scrolled through your last few blogpsots.

What pisses people off about politicians is when all they do is attack the other side without coming forward with any ideas of their own.

I am afraid you apepar to have fallen into this trap in a big way.

Scroll down and read what you have written. All it is is a load of anti Tory guff, with scarecely a new LibDem idea to be seen.

You may care to reflect on that when you accuse the Conservative Party nationally of the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Soem of us have been saying this about Nich's blog for some time.

Anonymous said...

True, but more than a bit rich coming from Mr Dale and his pathetic Westminster tittle-tattle blog that's full of innuendo and bitchiness about everyone and everything except the issues.

Dale and Starling are both sad indictments of the vacuous nature of politics in Britain today.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, quite why you needed to use a swear word on this blog is beyond me. A Tory MP hopeful, someone I have written about positively in the past (putting aside tribal differences) and someone I have offered support to in particular circumstances, and all you use such languge. Very odd.

If you had read out leaflets you would see some of the alternatives we offer.

For example, why turn streetlights off from midnighy ? Why not 2am. The old days of pubs closing at 11pm have long gone.

Why not turn off every other light ? Each light will ahve to have a timer in them so this is quite possible and a lot cheaper.

As for the whole process, why has there been a total lack of consultation ? It was the Lib Dems on the County Council who called this in on the scrutiny committee to get some consulation at the very least, even though the tories had already made the decision.

Do you not think it is an issue that a councillor has such a poor attendance record ?

There is a simple alternative, and this is to elect someone with a proven record of attending more meetings.

Do you remember in 2005 when you chose to make an accuasation against me when you were standing in North Norfolk ? You blogged about me, making a statement you could not prove because it was wrong. You never deleted it, but I made a point of burying the hatchet and not holding this against yoou.

You ignore totally the posting I made about the Tories trying to deny a policy they voted for on Thursday night and you fail to note my attack on the government over prisoner releases, so I am not certain to what extent you're attack on me is objective and free from political bias.

With all good wishes.

Dan said...

"It was the Lib Dems on the County Council who called this in on the scrutiny committee to get some consulation at the very least"

You, along with the libdems at County Hall, clearly haven't actually read the proposals as agreed. Otherwise you'd know that there was going to be consultation.

Have you looked at who tabled this 'amendment'? A Conservative!!

Susie Lockwood said...

Hi Nich, I work in the communications team at the county council. Going back to your original post, do you know what road this ever-lit street light is on and ideally its ID number (on the lamp post I'm told) please? We'd like to look into this and work out whether this street light is owned by us - some are owned by district, town and parish councils - and check if we have had this problem reported to us, and if so what we've done about it. Thanks, let me know.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Well lets do nothing about it and just leave all the lights on. I see this as just picking on any attemp to do something instead of just talking aboutit. Just see what happens and i am sure where lights sre needed they will be put back on or hopefully more turned off. Stop being ninmby.
We have no stret lights to turn off so come on do your bit.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Susie, I will e-mail the details to NCC tomorrow.

Johnny, a silly comment which shows your lack of knowledge. Each light will cost £100 to alter so it will not be a simple case of flicking a switch.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Its not a silly comment. It is trying to save power, just because the Tories are doing it you rubbish it. Just give it a chance and go from there. Again you appear all talk and no action.
This is just the sort of thing that should be tested.
How about you walk your local area and see the organisations that are leaving lights on all night and have a go at them. Do something positive instead of rubbishing everything.

Johnny Norfolk said...

We walked both Litcham and Mileham. the onyl wasted lighting we could see were street lights in Litcham. The rest was total darkness. we have requested that the lights be switched off after midnight. That is what our comminity wants. just shows a different mind set to townies.

Spr said...

Is it the lib dem policy not to turn the lights off then, pity I did not realise this before voting for Mr Summers
You complain about the switch off policy then go one to moan about the council not turning off their lights, which do you want the lights on or off?
Where do you get your information that the switch off is 'in the face of much local opposition'?
I for one cannot wait for the lights to be turned off, the night sky is dark and full of stars and not the orange colour that many people suffer.