Being recognised

I went to get some petrol today in Taverham, and as I was sorting out my PIN number when paying, the chap behind the counter said "You still teaching then ?" Now most teacher will know that feeling when an ex pupil from many years ago recognises you but you cannot remember them. The odd thing was that this chap had been in a class I had only taught for one lesson a week ten years ago.

Now I do have a peculiarly good memory for names and events and I could recall his class and many people he knew. Although old classes tend to blur together, it was my first teaching job so I do remember a lot from my time at Drayton Middle School. The fact that it is such a good school and was such an enjoyable place to work was one of the reasons for me moving back to this part of the world. It is the sort of school I'd like my son to go to one day.

One nice thing was that according to the ex pupil in the garage I have not changed. That made me feel a little better as I found another grey hair when I glanced in the mirror earlier.


James Higham said...

It's always nice when that happens. Warm and fuzzy.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes. I even had an ex pupils say hello on the bus today, so its getting to be a habit.