I am standing for election !

Some people may have picked up on this already, but I am the official Liberal Democrat candidate in the Taverham North Ward by-election to be held on 18th March 2010.

Many people will know that I used to be a District Councillor in North Norfolk and I have taken what has been something of a break from front line politics for nearly three years. This has allowed me to properly recharge my batteries as well as spend more time with my family.

I was approached by the Lib Dems a couple of weeks ago, apparently more in hope than expectation, but given that I have never received anything outside of election times from any of the Tories Councillors who are supposed to represent me, and there are so many important issue affecting this area, I really felt it was time to make a political comeback because actually what this area needs is a strong and visible voice to represent them.

If one good thing can come of this election it will be that whoever wins is truly committed to this area. The previous councillor had, according to Broadland District Council's records, attended 37% of full council meetings and last attended a meeting last July.

So this afternoon, I start my first canvassing session since 2006. Wish me luck !


Neil said...

Good luck! Be good if you posted the iterature that is sent out from all parties.. like in the north norfolk by-election

Norfolk Blogger said...

I may put my own leaflets on this site, but I will not promote the propaganda of my political opponents. If they cannot get out and deliver their message to each and every house, as I have been doing, then I am not going to do the work for them.

James said...

I liked the newsletter you recently distributed and was taken by the topics you choose to discuss, street lighting, NDR & griting (how will anyone get up the Windsor Chase slope beside the police station if theres no griting). A local candiate understanding these local issues will get my vote. Roll on 18th March and good luck!

Norfolk Blogger said...

The issues are all there, which is the reason why I chose to stand. Had I heard anything positive from my local councillors on these issues, had they explained their decision making, had they chosen to consult with ordinary voters, then I would have loved to have said to the Lib Dems when they approached me that I didn't need to stand because everything is fine. Sadlt, that is not the case and we are saddled with a raft of bizarre decisions made without reference to us.

So James, I thnak you for your comments and support.

dazmando said...

Good luck, how far ahead or behind are the Libs in this ward

Anonymous said...

oh fuck off

you self-important arsehole

be a father to your daughter instead

it's worth much more and the world will thank you for it

The Fat Councillor said...

Nich, I am really pleased to see you standing again. It was only a matter of time.

@Anonymous - Less grog for you, sunshine. I take it you will wake up with a hangover.

Taverham Resident said...

Anonmyous - Learn to read the leaflets. Nich has a son, not a daughter.

At least Nich's son knows who his father is. From the tone of your comments it's questionable whether you know who your father is.

jailhouselawyer said...

Good luck Nich!

Johnny Norfolk said...

Good luck with your election. As a nation we need to save money not spend it to get out of the hole we are in. Its easy to spend and difficult to save.

I have not seen any problems with gritting yet.