Grit Bins in Taverham

Given that Norfolk County Council are threatening to stop gritting roads where I live in Thorpe Marriott (Taverham), you would imagine that they would do everything they can to at least make sure that local grit bins are full of grit so that locals can use them.

Well imagine our surprise the the other day when looking at the state of some of the damaged and empty grit bins in our area with our excellent PPC Dan Roper, we opened one bin and found it absolutely full, not of grit, but with dirty water.

Only Norfolk Conservatives, who run Norfolk County Council, could think that is is sensible to stop gritting bus routes and provide us with grit bins that contain no grit, only dirty water. 


Anonymous said...

what's that website with the pictures of councillor's standing around holes etc?

Dan said...

Maybe you should contact your employer and let them know?

James Higham said...

Costs are too high. Rubbish collection is next.

Johnny Norfolk said...

If there is a shortage of grit, blame the Labour government they derected Norfolks grit to other areas, remember.

Norwich separatist said...

If the latest moves by the Norfolk County Council are anything to go by, I am not at all surprised.

First Day Centres and turning off the lights and now grit bins.

Perhaps we should do away with the County Council because we are not getting value for money.

Oh I forgot the government has given the preliminary green light to do that with Unitary.

Norwich separatist said...

I find it fascinating that someone still tries to blame the Labour government for something which has more to do with the Tory County Council. Perhaps cognitive dissonance is at work here.