Yet again, what is the point of the Met Office ?

When the Met Office's own satellite cannnot distinguish between rain and snow, you really have to wonder if theiy know what they are doing.

Forget the forecast for rain, its been snowing here for several hours and despite what the Met Office are predicting (more rain) I suspect we are in for several inches of snow.

If they cannot even accurately report what the weather is doing now, how can we believe their forecasts ?


Quiet_Man said...

I thought everyone knew, the Met office is the propaganda wing of the global warming scam. It isn't really snow, it's simply hardened sunlight ;-)

moorlandhunter said...

It’s imaginary snow. Really there is a heat wave going on but any mention of cold goes against the man made global warming agenda of the Met office and BBC.
Silly thing you, you should know that it’s really hot in Norfolk.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Aside from the anti global warming stuff, and I understand your scepticism given the news (although I still think man made global warming is happening), there is a real issue about how utterly useless the Met Office have been in recent weeks.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I agree with you. I have lost all faith in the Met office and I now use www.accuwether.com who again have corectly forecast snow. I can even have my village as a favorite.

Their long term view is that we will not even start warming up till march, something to do with the northern occilation.

The Met office of course want to prove warming so play down any cold weather.

English Pensioner said...

A little unfair, I think. As a retired radar engineer, I assume that the pictures are taken by satellite radar looking down on top of the cloud formation, and in broad terms, all clouds are watery objects which reflect the radar waves. I suspect that there is little difference between clouds that produce rain and those which produce snow when viewed from above. And the Met Office has largely abandoned actual ground observation these days.
Incidentally, I understood all the forecasting companies got their basic data from the Met Office (for a fee), so companies like Accuweather must interpret it differently. Why? - An interesting question!

dazmando said...

I use MSN weather forecast, the Met office BBC updates are at around 7am and it has always changed by 3pm. The Met Office seem to be particularly bad at predicting snow.

Here in Bracknell (the old home of the Met Office) They say its going to snow and it rains, last night they said it will rain and it snowed. Rubbish. maybe they should move back from Exeter as they did a better job when they were here in Brackers

Johnny Norfolk said...

Englisg Pensioner.

Acuweather look to me that they are far more scptical about warming ,in fact they run a blog about it. The Met Office appear more concerned in the political warming agenda rather than just weather forecasting. Accuweather is a far more simple site but they do in my opinion interprate the data far better than the Met Office. just try them and compare as I have. The best part of the Met Office site is its weather reading stations. I inspect this data and come up with my own trend forecast. Often on the Met Office site the text forecast is different from the graphics. Thay are slipping behind in many areas