Stating the bleeding obvious

The National Audit Office has reported that the BBC does not always provide best value for money when covering large events. This should be little surprise to anyone.

Some of the big events justify a large staff and big costs. The Olympics instantly spring to mind. But more than sic months ago it was reported that the BBC sent almost as many staff to Glastonbury as they did to China to cover the Olympics.

As I wrote at the time, I am not fan of the BBC devoting itself so entirely to a niche event like Glastonbury, and I hope the report today make the BBC come to grips with the fact that events like the Olympics and World Cup are not the equivalent of an annual music festival.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

I am getting sick of this. I agree with you again. The BBC is out of control and needs a massive sort out. How about a freeze on the licence for 3 years for a start.