Despair over Blair

Watching Blair today just serves to highlight what it is that people so dislike about politics. After everything that has happened, despite the weight of evidence, in spite of all the facts, he still does not get it.

Like an MP justifying his excessive expenses claim, Blair stood out as being slick, but ultimately so intransigent that whilst he may go away from today feeling that he gave a good account of himself, I think his performance will ultimately come to haunt him.

The line, which I paraphrase here that "I'ts not about a deceit or a lie or misleading, it's about a decision", makes clear his lies.

Blair had already made a decision, no doubt when he met Bush, that Britain would invade Iraq no matter what. So Blair did mislead, he did deceive, he did lie, and all of those were just to get parliament and the British people to back his decision, made on the basis of flawed evidence.

Blair might be the consumate politician, but his legacy will be that of a Prime Minister who wasted some of the best economic conditions in years, missed an opportunity for parliamentary and electoral reform, who failed to take action to fix those parts of broken Britain all in the name of having his war.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

I agree with you. I found it disgusting to watch. In particular he could not find any humanity to express any regret of the loss of lives. Why people then voted him back in is something I will never understand and I lost much faith in the British people that they could still not see Blair for what he was.