Norfolk Tories make swinging cuts to funding for schools in deprived areas

The EDP writes today

Norfolk's neediest youngsters could miss out on lifeline support because of a £1.9m cut in funding to more than one-third of the county's schools, many in the most deprived areas.

The county council is set to slice the sum out of the grants it makes to schools to help them boost results among vulnerable children.

In all 167 schools will get less money than they were promised - with cuts ranging from a few hundred pounds to almost £93,000 for the biggest loser, Great Yarmouth High.

Interesting to note that despite Cameron's pledge to defend eduction and the NHS, when it comes to what Tories are doing, on the ground, cuts to education are one of the first things they do.

No doubt Norfolk County Council will be asking the schools they are cutting significant funding to why their results are not as good as they hoped. Appalling.

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dan said...

I thought you'd know better. The Government nationalised school funding a few years ago and now NCC's role is to pass it on via the Direct Schools Grant.