Norfolk's nutty Greens show just how nutty they are

The Green candidate in Great Yarmouth is standing down in order to support and help the Tory candidate.

You really couldn't make it up, but it sums up what many of us find about the Greens here in Norfolk. The oppose things they support, the offer no solutions, only criticism, and they even support other parties which are widely acknowledged as being the most sceptical when it comes to climate change and have the poorest eco credentials.

People in Norwich South ought to take note.


James Mackenzie said...

He's switched parties. If he has any confidence in the Tories we're clearly better off without him.

He also wasn't elected to anything. Plenty of Lib Dems have made the same depressing journey Torywards too, including the odd councillor.

We've all got the odd bad apple..

John said...

Surely the Greens should expel him from the party? Or are they too soft?

Don't they need a new candidate?

Anonymous said...

Poor candidate selection, although still a better choice than Rupert Read.

None of the above said...


the Greens support the Tories
the Lib Dems support the Tories
Nu Labour ARE the Nu Tories

Now remind me in a patronising tone just why I shouldn't waste my vote.

Anonymous said...

Keith Bessant was a Green Party parliamentary candidate in not one but two consecutive general elections - before he joined the BNP.