Another good reason to vote Lib Dem in Hull North

Andrew Allison highlights on his blog just how useless the Labour MP for Hull North is. Of course, with the Lib Dems in a clear second place, it gives people even more reason to try and get her out of Westminster at the enxt election.

It's a shame that there is no decent opposition to Nadine Dorries who, according to people I follow on Twitter, is also adept at blocking anyone from her Twitter feed if they don't agree with what she says.


jailhouselawyer said...

Nich: I thank the Turnip Taliban for popping up North to my neck of the woods, and have left a follow up over at my place.

Andrew Allison said...

I'm pleased this is being publicised, and I'm sure she knows about this.

I now don't have any representation in the House of Commons. I bet she won't see me at one of her surgeries and I have to make an appointment there, telling her what my query is about. On the last subject I wrote to her about, she didn't reply. So much for representing all her constituents.

jailhouselawyer said...

Andrew: So am I and am sure she does. I confess to further pulicising it in a post of mine.

Funny you should say that, and neither have convicted prisoners. The reason being that the Minister responsible, Jack Straw, will not put the issue before Parliament for a debate whether convicted prisoners should be denied the vote, following the UK's drubbing in Hirst v UK(No2). The legal battle has been won; the political battle continues and Labour are not going to win this one. I am.

Whilst prisoners generally cannot attend a MPs surgery or prospective party candidate's place thy can visit the local prisons. There are no votes in prison, yet, but the prisoners have family and relatives and friends who do have votes. Do not dismiss convicted prisoners power so readily.

Even I have to admit to not responding to every email, like perhaps I should, but time is precious to a prisoner and the same includes a prisoner serving the remainder of his sentence in the community like me. Priorities. I suspect that Andrew is not exactly top of Diana Johnson's list of priorities right now that her job is not safe.

jailhouselawyer said...

There's a new post over at my place in relation to Hull North and Denis Healy taking the lead...

Anonymous said...


Can anyone give me some contact details for a labour party candidate who will be standing for the coming local elections in the avenue ward hull north