Brown and Cameron both trying to weasel out of the election debates

As Dizzy comments HERE, it seems increasingly likely that any election debates will be rather sterile affairs due to the rather stupid and deliberately unreasonalbe requests of both David Cameron and Gordon Brown. So what are they scared of ?

The only person not being accused of making silly demands is Nick Clegg, which makes sense, because Nick is neither scared of public scrutiny of himself or his policies, and he also knows that such debates provide the Lib Dems with an amazing opportunity to break the current two party stranglehold on politics.

Perhaps this answers my first questions as to what the Tories and Labour fear. If Nick Clegg were to come across as the more reasonable, the more human of the leaders, and his party suddenly got a 5% bump in the polls, the would be a real danger to the old parties of the Lib Dems suddenly gaining traction with the electorate, and that is the last thing the Tories and Labour want. The old parties want the Lib Dems to be a think tank from which they can steal the best ideas, but neither of the old parties are liberal, and the lack a real understanding of democracy.

So whilst the broadcasters mght be hoping that the debates go ahead, my fear is that they won't.

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