Not another hypcrite Tory ?

I await the first Tory to step forward and defend the leader of the Scottish Tories for THIS.*

*With thanks to Stephen Glenn.


Quiet_Man said...

Chris Huhne (Millionaire, Lib Dem)

£119 on a trouser press, plus regular claims for groceries, milk, fluffy dusters and chocolate biscuits.

Julia Goldsworthy (Lib Dem)

£999 on a TV, £1,500 on furniture and a £1,200 leather rocking chair on March 28 and 29 (a day before the deadline for using up parliamentary allowances).

They're all crooks, not just the Tories.

Fitaloon said...

Interestingly Annabelle doesn't have a flat in Edinburgh. Let's take a look at Mike Rumbles who spent 10k in one year (2005/2006)supporting his flat in Edinburgh , on top of all his expenses for going home at weekends either by car or train (1st class). Annabelle sounds cheap in comparision. Lets not even get onto Nicol Stephen

Norfolk Blogger said...

And thanks for highlighting that you simply do not get irony.

Goldie is calling for restraint and cuts from public sector workers, but fails to do so herself.

She should lead by example. But you simply don't get that.

Anonymous said...

I expected a Conservative to come forward and say "Yes, it's awful isn't it". Sadly I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Are Huhne, Goldsworthy, Rumbles & Nicol not calling for restraint? Before if not, they should be.

Yet more anti-Tory stuff Nich, you should be pointing out that they're all at it!! - not good enough.

Anonymous said...

yep, they certainly were all at it

claiming for milk? I just can't get my head around it. And we're expected to vote for these people?

Stephen Glenn said...

The point is that Annabel is calling for net take up pay of a little over the price of her first class tickets to be suffiecient for public servants not to warrant a pay increase (despite the increase in inflation). Also she clearly doesn't have an annual ticket if that is her claims for her commute to and from Parliament which would also have been a saving. (I'd looked into that when applying for a job in the other direction)

Norfolk Blogger said...

The bravery of the anonymous comment.