Why did you become a doctor ?

I would imagine that the main reason to be a doctor is that you want to save people's lives and make the ill healthy, but it appears I am wrong.

It seems the BMA think that the profession is made up largely of people who are worried about not receiving hefty performance bonuses on top of their £100,000 a year salaries.

I wonder how proud the medical profession will be of themselves when we find out in six months time how many under fives died of swine flu needlessly because they were worried about their bonuses ?


Anonymous said...

And of course the GPs got their jabs in the first batch. No doubt their kids and families ahve also been injected. No wonder they are sitting pretty. It might interrupt their skiing holidays having to do jabs for under 5s.

Chris K said...

So the government, quite reasonably, says to GPS "we want you to see patients within 48 hours and let them book appointments"

then the Government also says "we want you to vaccinate 3m children this winter"

Doesn't strike me as particularly unreasonable for doctors to then say back "well then it might be difficult for us to see everyone in 48 hours."

Also, if any GP is earning £100,000+, it's not a salary - the GPs who earn that much are partners in a practice. But don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to know we can rely on our doctors in a crisis. Large pay rises, performance bonuses and they don't even do out of hours calls any more !