What has Roger Federer done ?

A few weeks ago the people at Gillette must have felt themselves very special. They had long term contracts in place with three of the most popular, wholesome and clean cut sportsmen in the world, and every advert for the company was adorned by their faces.

Since then, Thierry Henry has become known worldwide not for his style, verve and footballing skills, but for his cheating handball exploits eliminating Ireland from the World Cup.

Then Tiger Woods, it appears, decided to have extra marital relations with more or less anyone who fancied a go with the world's number one golfer.

I guess the question is now what has Roger Federer done ? The clean cut and rather affable Swiss tennis player is the only one of the three not to have done something that would spoil his image.


Anonymous said...
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Letters From A Tory said...

Unfortunately, Federer's only crime is making tennis quite boring because he wins too much.

Hardly worthy of him losing his Gillette contract, but worth highlighting nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Federer doesnt make Tennis Boring !! its fantastic to see him play the way he does on a court, faultless