Taking Labour's Bitter Pill Will Not Make Us Better

To hear Labour big guns being rolled out to speak to the press over and over again over the last two days since the pre budget report has been a lesson in how to sound if you have run out of ideas.

In the last 24 hours I have heard Alistair Darling, Jack Straw and the quite awful Ed Balls all defending the PBR on the simple basis that "the Tories would be worse". This quite pathetic defence just highlight how vaccuous Labour are now and how utterly bankrupt they are in the ideas department.

So what will the polls make of it ? I cannot see anoything other than a decline in Labour's support on the basis that the PBR was not good for most people and it actually fails to address the urgent needs of the country.

People an accept a bitter pill if it will make you better. But as the BBC reports tonight, Labour's measures will do nothing to solve the crisis in the public finances whilst everyone will be feeling the pinch.


James Higham said...

The political map is indeed looking sick.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

vacuous from the Latin vacuus: empty, void, free, clear, as in "LibDem economic policy is a vacuum, empty of matter; not occupied or filled with anything solid or tangible".

The alternative root you suggest derives from Latin vacca, a cow, as "In political economics, as in Kashmir, vaccicide is a capital crime".

So what will the polls make of it ?

Well, there the Populus quickie poll in this morning's Times. When the Murdoch spin is deleted, 78% applaud the tax on bankers’ bonuses; 61% approve the cap public sector pay increases; 51% support the raising of NI contributions.

Not bad, eh? Particularly when the public whose opinion was sought had been told by the Chicken Littles of the MSM that the sky was falling again. But who cares about what Joe Citizen says, if it disagrees with Rupert and the other cheerleaders for the New Tory Order?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Malcolm, your defence is admirable, but it does not defend the whole PBR.

I am sure surveys would report that high % of people enjoy chicken. But do they enjoy it served with custard ?

As for the Lib Dem policy, it has today received the highest approval rating that the lib Dems ahve ever received, not bad when MSM do not cover the lib Dems.

Turnip said...

New Tories will probably be worse for Norfolk than New Labour if their recent showing's anything to go by.