Strange bed fellows

It appears the Global Warming deniers may get want they want and the Copenhagen summit might produce a fudged agreement that will do nothing to save the planet.

Strange that it should be the Chinese governmentment that is doing the global warming deniers a favour.

Strange bed fellows. It must be thrilling for them to know that the Chinese and the extreme right wing in this country have so much in common.


Joe S said...

But I am of the left and I agree that Climate Change is natural and Global Warming is a myth.

So what about my bedfellows - oh priestly mouthpiece of a discredited science.

Anonymous said...

"and I agree that Climate Change is natural and Global Warming is a myth."

Now there's logic for you. Global warming is an aspect of climate change - irrespective of whether or not that climate change is natural or is being caused at present by man! Global warming = overall increase in temperature - that's climate change!

Of course there IS naturally induced climate change - that doesn't mean that humans might not be causing it as well

Brian E. said...

I simply don't follow your logic; you imply that those who don't believe in climate change are extreme right wingers, a ludicrous idea. Some 45% of the people in this country apparently have their doubts according to a recent survey and it seems unlikely that these are extreme right wing. For myself, I believe that global warming MAY be happening, but there seems to be no evidence whatsoever that this is man made, or can be controlled by our actions

Norfolk Blogger said...

45%. This figure is stretching incredulity to the extreme. 45% have questions over the degree to which man is affecting global warming, but it does not mean 45% think that man is not responsible in some way.

I know a few who don't believe in global warming, but then again they read the Daily Mail so that explains it all.

neil craig said...

Good for China. They didn't flinch & have saved us all from almost all of this eco-fascist parasitism (well except the bits we Europeans have insisted on saddling ourselves with). Continued world growth is assured even if our government continues to promote recession.

This may be the moment when China, supported by India & Brazil, has become the world's dominant power - not because they have done so well but because we have done so badly.

Funniest thing was Obama having to get back quickly because of the snow.

Anonymous said...

eco fascist parasites?

I bet you bore people to death day-in, day-out and all your 'friends' can't actually stand you.

BTW, you're also very, very, wrong. Not that there's any mileage in going down that road

neil craig said...

As ever eco-fascists have no difficulty explaining that I am wrong but cannot explain why ;-)

I hope you have told Obama I was wrong about him facing snow in catastrophically warmed washington.

AndrewSouthLondon said...

Anonymous said...
"eco fascist parasites?" snip

If Ad hominem is all you have to offer, I suggest you keep it to yourself.

"Eco-facism" about sums it up. "Its all for your own good don't you know, now do as we say. "

The science is all cooked, the data is twisted, and your self-righteousness betrays a true facist mindset.

I bet all your friends hate you really - but how would you know? You don't - its just an ad hominem tarted up - smugness drips from every word.

Even if the planet was not warming, and it isn't, the wooly-hatted eco-facists would be searching for some other reason to tell people off and tell them what to do - for their own good, of course.

Anonymous said...

the planet isn't warming?

then I can't help you

you willfully misunderstand all the data and just enjoy being a prize cock.

Can you link to data showing a planet that's not warming?

neil craig said...

Cooling since 1998.
No correlation whatsoever with CO2

Your grovelling apology accepted.

Anonymous said...

well, thanks for another link to another stupid website

I'd like to encourage readers to do their own research into Mr Watts and the NOAA and the reliability of America's temperature record, and then read the original papers and make up their own minds rather than reading a couple of shouty lines from empty vessels like Mr Craig.

If in doubt, read the original papers.

neil craig said...

Clearly Mous has not taken his own advice or he would actually be able to make a point rather than an ad hom attack..