Millionaire wannabe Tory MP Zac Goldsmith is a non dom !

A few years ago nobody had heard of "non doms", but now most people have a good idea that those who are "non domiciled" in the UK and avoid paying UK income tax, now pay a fairly nominal flat rate of £25,000 a year and that is it. Now for anyone earning over £70,000 a year, being able to pay a one off £25k might seem like a bargain in order to avoid paying more in income tax. The problem is you have to have teams of accountants, generally have a home overseas, and be very wealthy in order to have the pieces in place for tax avoidance on this scale.

No wonder the Tory Party were so keen to try to overturn a recent Lib Dem and Labour amendment to a law which would have made it illegal for non doms to fund in any way UK political parties as it would have cut off the vast sums Zac Goldsmith has poured in to Richmond Park constituency.

David Cameron and George Osborne have been talking tough on tax avoidance recently. Let's see how they act against one of their own "A listers".

I wonder if the Tory front organisation the Tax Payers Alliance will comment about this ? After all, surely those setting our taxes should also be paying the taxes ? However, it's hardly likely since it was reported recently that one of the senior people in the TPA is also a French resident who does not pay UK tax.


jailhouselawyer said...

What Lord Ashcroft is doing by dodging paying tax and then sinking millions into buying mariginal seats for the Tories is nothing short of gerrymandering.

Zac Goldsmith is also dodging paying tax by claiming to be a foreigner when it suits him, and a UK citizen when it suits him.

There has to be something wrong with a system which allows wealthy Tories to rip off the taxpayers to the tune of millions to benefit the Tory party.

Dan said...

How can he possibly be a good representative when he doesn't pay his taxes?!?

To be honest, if I lived in Richmond, this would make me *more* inclined to vote for him. If I could get away with paying less tax, I would too.