Five years to vaccinate the UK population from swine flu

The fool, Sir Liam Donaldson, who regularly every Thursday magnifies his stupidity by either stating the bleeding obvious about flu or contradicts something he said a few weeks before, further underlined just how poor our government have been in dealing with what is a very mild flu, by announcing that in the last month, just one million people have been vaccinated.

In simple terms, we have had around 5 million doses delivered to the UK, but have only managed to inject 20% of them. And if we keep up with the current rate, it will take 60 months to vaccinate 60 million people. That's five years !

God help us if H5N1 ever mutates to a human form. With a 60% kill rate, we'd all be dead by the time Sir Liam got to his final press conference after 5 years of vaccinations.

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