Why aren't dangerous dogs treated as a lethal weapon ?

Following another tragic death of a young child at the hands of a dangerous dog, kept illegally, in the full knowledge of the fact that these dogs are killers, one wonders how many children will die before the Dangerous Dogs Act, a rushed and very poor piece of legislation, is amended or replaced.

It seems clear that what is needed is proper legislation that puts the onus on the police to take action, and where people who breed and keep dangerous dogs are not merely threatened with the dog being destroyed, but face a prison sentence that is commensurate with possessing a lethal weapon.


dazmando said...

My Girl Friend is now to scare to go and visit her friend because on her state there are so many of the dogs. I simply dont understand why people want these dogs. How about a dog licence for one thing.

solentgirl said...

It's not the breed of dog it's the owners, a labrador can be dangerous if not brought up right.(a lot like kids)