Flu questions of the week

Questions about flu for the week

1) Why, when the swine flu vaccine was approved two weeks ago, the first 2 million doses delivered to the UK next week, are doctors not expecting to receive any vaccine until the end of next week, with the actual vaccination not starting until the week after ?

Good job its not killing anyone ... oops !

2) Why is the swine flu vaccine "safe" for children and being planned to be given to children but the season flu vaccine is not given to children even if parents want to pay for their children to get the vaccine ? In the US the regularly vaccinate children against seasonal flu, which the UK government tell is is more serious than swine flu and kills in greater numbers, so why won't the UK government ?


Letters From A Tory said...

You forgot question 3 - where did the post-swine flu apocalyptic vision go?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Of course, when the flu first appeared the apparent death rate in Mexico was 6-9%. This was, of course, wrong.