When two add two adds up to 57

In a by-election in Noth Norfolk yesterday the Tories hled the seat of The Runtons on North Norfolk Council. According to the Tory PPC in North Norfolk it is a "triumph for the Conservatives and a blow to the Lib Dems". Of course any victory is a victory and cannot be denied, but the comments from the Tory in North Norfolk is somewhat overblown.

For starters, the Runton's ward is the sort of ward the Tories should be winning easily, especially given their current poll ratings. The Lib Dems did hold the seat until 2007, but this was because the local Lib Dem councillor there had been on the council for many years, was extremely well known, and the previous councillor had been her husband, so there were specific local circumstances.

Taking in to account that the winning Tory in yesterday's election was also a trained Tory agent and that the Lib Dems were fighting on a broader front than the Tories (in that the Lib Dems gained a seat on North Norfolk council two weeks ago in an election that the Tories did not fight as hard), the result should be expected.

So of course, well done to the Tories for winning, but winning The Runtons by 70 votes really is a sign of the state of North Norfolk Tories. They ought to be weighing the votes in a ward like this, not sneaking home.


James Higham said...

Weighing them. Like Labour in Barnsley?

Comrade Dan said...

It does seem perverse how the Tories are celebrating holding a seat when they supposedly have a big opinion poll lead. I see it as the North Norfolk Tories may have just salvaged teir credibility by a margin of 70 votes