Opportunity wasted

It struck me yesterday morning that Nick Clegg could really have stolen the thunder of Cameron by making an early statement to the effect that any Lib Dem MP not willing to pay back money owed would be deselected and have the whip withdrawn.

I note this morning that Cameron has said words to this effect.

A missed opportunity by Clegg.


English Conservatives said...

Clegg could also steal Cameron's thunder by making an announcement on 'The English Question'.

If the Lib Dems don't do anything then there will be no point them complaining about English Votes on English Laws (although I noticed that EVoEL barely got a mention at conference).

James Higham said...

Story of the Lib Dems just now.

alistair said...

That would entail showing leadership what would Clegg know about that. Will he be in charge when the LD go down to 40 seats?

Norfolk Blogger said...

The Lib Dems will not go down to 40 seats. The latest marginal poll, which only looked at regional swings and took no account of Lib Dem strength in depth in certain seats and the incumbancy factor, didn't predict 40 seats, and that poll was pessimistic.