Caroline Righton - Hypocrite, liar or fool ? Perhaps all three given what she has been doing in Newquay and St Austell

A week after Tory candidate for Newquay and St Austell misrepresented her Lib Dem opponent, she has still done nothing in the way of an apology or even explained why she chose to mislead people about her ability to check the facts.

One has to wonder what the Conservative voters in Newquay and St Austell will think of her particularly given her recent pledge to 'fight a positive and honesty campaign'. David Cameron is, of course, totally silent on the issue. Mr Cameron is quick to talk about honest and decency in politics but in this case does not seem to practise what he preaches.

Caroline Righton might do well to remember in 2005 Iain Dale was caught out misleading the electorate about his Lib Dem opponent Norman Lamb in North Norfolk. We all know what happened then. The Conservative Partyin Newquay and St Austell would do well to note this.

The truth is that a quick apology by Caroline Righton would have buried this as an issue, and with her refusing to comment on it for the local press, meaning the spineless local press have pulled two stories on this issue (they won't print without a statement from both sides), Caroline Righton, a former BBC and TVam journalist obviously knew the rules the press followed and assumed it would go away. She does not realise that the blogosphere does not work like that.

Update - Mark Pack reports that the Lib Dems have written to David Cameron about this. It does, of course, put "Dave" in an awkward position. He cannot back one of his candidates when she is lying but likewise his failure to respond would be seen as a refusal to back her actions. Interesting.

Update 2 - A member of Caroline Righton's staff has also been caught out trying to blank her wikipedia entry. Question ? What has she got to hide ?


Quietzapple said...

Tories truth in disinterested (Pls rearrange)

Norfolk Blogger said...

Strange how not a single Tory blogger has reproduced this story and not one has stepped forward to defend her.