Latest - Elizabeth Truss forced to explain herself to South West Norfolk Conservative members

Following on from the story yesterday about Elizabeth Truss, the newly selected Tory candidate for South West Norfolk, the BBC are reporting the the executive committee of South West Norfolk Conservative association have met tonight and asked her to return to speak to all party members at a special AGM to be held at the weekend.

The executive could have rubber stamped her appointment but have chosen not to do so.

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Anonymous said...

Halloween is getting close so I suppose with witch hunting to the fore some of the Executive committee for South West Norfolk are trying to justify their small minded existence?

Tory all my 66 years. Totally against these types of affairs but!! You canott undo the past and providing there was no criminal, fraudulant or damaging results from the affair what is it to do with the executive committee. I want good tories back in the goverment and Elizabeth had already been selected as a good candidate. Grow up you lot and take the blinkers off. If you don't, you will only be helping the labour and libs!!