Another Swine flu question ?

If the government have done all they can to ensure our swine flu immunisation programme is as effective and quick as possible, can we ask them why they started immunising people in Australia three weeks ago and we have yet to start in the UK ?


Anonymous said...

you probably aren't aware that all GPs are about to receive 500 doses each. That's 500 - regardless of residents on the books, regardless of need, regardless of socio economic situation.

Letters From A Tory said...

The Government haven't got the money to deal with swine flu effectively and they have bigger political problems to deal with.

Ghocheng said...

I think most of us not worry about swine flue. I hope people more aware about swine flu

Quietzapple said...

Swine flu is being dealt with here with considerable expedition and effectiveness.

As I am asthmatic I was inoculated this week. Never before has such a programme been put into effect at this stage of the pandemic.

HMG are not short of money to pay for the necessary, contrary to the troll. Such expenditures are suitably reflationary I am sure.