Why Nick Robinson is loathe to attack the Tories

It appears Nick Robinson, the former Tory and BBC political reporter, has links to Bedford Tories and perhaps lacks the principled backbone to report the Tory failure to gain the Bedford Mayoralty.

And the Tories claim the BBC is biased against them.


James Higham said...

Not claims. It's a given.

Unknown said...

But its not. Why did Cameron's visit to Beford get reported by Robinson yet the result ignored ?

Anonymous said...

Robinson was certainly a very enthusiastic Conservative when he was up at Oxford - which was, IIRC at exactly the same time as cameron.

Anonymous said...

Why would he bother - when he's got a poodle like you.

I reckon you hate the Tories more than Labour. Pathetic - really.

Unknown said...

Keep taking the pills. Is it cold in Haringey today ?

Quietzapple said...

Nick Robinson was national Chairman of the Young Conservatives in the '80s.

The BBC refuses to publish this fact when it seems relevant.

The right wing Tory propagandist Andrew Pierce is permitted a workstation when he spiels his opinions on Breakfast, to work on the revamp of his first piece to be re-presented when he does his follow up.

Charlie State said he would be returning thence on air once.

The BBC will not entertain a complaint about this.

In effect a Dully Tele propagandist is embedded with BBC Breakfast, and we are not permitted to complain about that fact.

In a like manner BBC Breakfast echoed the Dully Tele headline about 20% of those questioned being prepared top consider voting BNP, when the real news was that their poll rating immediately after the Griffin QT broadcast is 4%, rather than the 6% in the Euro Elections.

Expat/Foreign tax Evading Billionaires like Murdoch, Barclay Bros, Ashcroft, Laidlaw, the twit who owns The Sport etc have no need to buy any more media, the BBC/Guardinid copy whatever their minions write anyway . . .

Great Britain's politics have set to sea in a sieve . . .