Possibly no the greatest line from a salesman on the door

At teatime, up to my arms in cooking and looking after my song, a salesman knocked on the door trying to get me to switch electricity suppliers. The typical three loud knocks signalled his arrival.

( I open the door)

Salesman : Don't worry, I'm not a salesman (lie) and I am not one of those awful politicians who knock on doors to annoy people.

Me : Errm, I am one of the politicians who knock on doors. I don't do it to annoy people. Possibly not the greatest start.

Salesman : No. I don't suppose you are interested in switching electrical suppliers ?

Me : No.

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Quietzapple said...

Check out what to do via Martin's Money savers . . I've found someone (well 13 actually) who have those wonderful tooth whitening recipies . . . Have you tested your broadband supplier yet? try . . .

Would you like to buy a "Go Away!" sign. Cheap? I've got this . . .