How many chances will Alan Duncan be given by Cameron ?

Before the expenses scandal really got a head of steam, Alan Duncan, when answering criticisms from Ian Hislop on Have I Got News For You described his ability to claim for a second home even though he own half a dozen homes as "wonderful". He later described this as a joke, in poor taste, and he apologised.

Now we read that Alan Duncan has described the MPs salary of £60k as having to "live on rations". Again, Alan Duncan has apologised unreservedly.

Now what will Cameron do ? Come on Dave, show some backbone.


Quietzapple said...

Chameleon cannot afford to lose just about the only capable businessman on his front bench, who made his fortune before becoming an MP and developing "interests".

S[pose I should hope that he driven from public life never to return, but I recall that the oppositionist view that Mrs Thatcher was "unelectable" because she was nbg (not too far from the truth) flew in the face of the public's poor judgement; better that Willie had won their leadership election, and poor old Great Britain had not suffered so much.

We may not deserve the Tory Party, but, if we much have one, please Dear Lord, make it not too far short of tolerable.

Richard T said...

And don't forget how the wee treasure got one of them - through a perfectly legal scam whereby he presuaded his elderly neighbour to sell him his right to buy the house in Westminster (I think). What an example of probity and decency he presents.

Quietzapple said...

Oh, and Chameleon might have some problems swacking Duncan for his tasteless crack re second homes when he has been building another fortune with HIS second pile:


and cannot tell how many houses he and his wife Sammy (daddy's another Old Etonian doncher know?) actually own.

Letters From A Tory said...

Duncan was a terrible Shadow Business Secretary and contributes nothing to the front bench in terms of policy or impact.

Quietzapple said...

He made his money from oil I recall, before any sharp practices with his allowances, or anyone wanted him on the "board" because he has influence, as so many MPs have found benefit.

His performances when he has stood in for Osborne on the radio were rather and improvement I thought.

Brad the Builder said...

Awful man