Do you get the impression that now the by-election team have gone home, Chloe Smith doesn't know what to do ?

During the Norwich North by-election Chloe Smith was the face of the campaign for the Tories, but everything else was, I have on good authority, done by outsiders from CCHQ. A blog (which nobody could comment to) mysteriously appeared overnight and her website was suddenly updated very regularly. Now, it appears, the people who did this have done home. Witness the mess that is now her website.

It seems the phrase is very much the order of the day.

If you want to join Chloe's campaign to supportEmptyParas click HERE, and HERE and HERE and HERE to read more.

Perhaps CCHQ should make a note in future that it is not good enough merely to turn up in the campaign and run it but also leave someone behind with the knowledge to be able to maintain those things the campaign started up in the first place.


Irfan Ahmed said...

I have to agree with you Nich, the site is badly run with a lof of phrases in every blog post that don't make sense.

Chloe Smith needs a group of people working for her who can update a website or she needs to learn blogging skills.

Clearly MPs need to become more techy if they want to use twitter, blogs and facebook to campaign.

Anonymous said...

Some might same the same at some of the by-elections we have won, and even more so when we have lost but created a good base to work from in the future but then go and blow completely by leaving the constituency in a mess.

Richard Gadsden said...

How interesting, it looks fine in FireFox, but horrid in IE.

Mr Crowley said...

Good spot Richard, I thought this had been fixed but your correct, IE still hates it.

Quietzapple said...

She is smiling moderately sveltly, I expect she is still thinking about looking for the loos.

I wonder if she will evade Nadine Dorries' clutches?

Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake. Typical blogosphere navel-gazing arrogance - as if anyone cares about something like that.