Beware of prank leaflets

Oh dear, it appears Lib Dems in Cornwall have been caught out after an "in joke" went horribly wrong after some prank leaflets. You can read about it HERE.

I have, in the past, set up dummy leaflets, but my tone has always to parody something.

When doing an all night print run in 2003 when we ordered take away pizza to keep us going (along with lots of diet coke), I set up a leaflet with my council running mate that printed bar charts showing which pizza would finish first along with quote like "Everyone knows in North Norfolk that there is no point in ordering an four seasons Pizza - Only the meat feast can beat the pepperoni here",

Obviously this is a lesson that Cornwalll Lib Dems will learn from, and quickly !

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Anonymous said...

Great analogy!!!!!

Check this out for a laugh