Remember, David Cameron has done nothing wrong - "I was just following the rules"

Yet again, a Tory MP explains that he has done nothing wrong and was just following the rules.

Quite why a multi millionaire needed the tax payer to pay for a new mortgage on a property when hr was, at the same time, paying off a mortgage in full on another house seems slightly confusing to those of us who do not have a personal fortune of more than £10 million.

Still, if you are David Cameron, the sh!t does not appear to stick ? Why must Andrew Mackay step down for "just following the rules" but David Cameron seems exempt ?

The Tories claimed only a few days ago that they had audited themselves and had repaid anything they were not entitles to. Cameron came out of this review only having to return a small amount of cash and this extra mortgage, paid for by taxpayers was, according to the Tories own audit, completely in order.

So it begs the question, does the Tories own audit stand up to scrutiny and can we trust David Cameron ?


Quiet_Man said...

He's a politician, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Oh give it s rest - your partiality is overcoming your intelligence.

Start on the real criminals, and there are far more Labour than Tory and what aout the LibDems?

Stop this Tory bashing or relabel your blog "Anti-Tory blogger"

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh give it a rest Mr Gutless with your anonymous tag. If you believed what you were saying rather than showing massive bias you'd have put your name to it !

Brian E. said...

I fully agree with you. I don't see why any of them should be claiming for a mortgage on their second home; they should be paid a maximum sum equal to the rental costs of a one bedroomed flat, not exceeding a figure given by a reputable estate agent in the area for such a flat.
Why should they have family accommodation - when I was a civil servant and away on duty, I was not allowed to take my wife, indeed I was lucky if I could get them to pay for a return rail ticket once a month.

Anonymous said...

another easy ride for cameron on radio 4

when will he sack Gove or any millionaire in his Shadow Cabinet

oh all millionaires

hung parliament