Derren Brown - Enigma

I went to the Norwich Theatre Royal last night to see the incredible Derren Brown in his latest tour titled "Enigma". I can only say this word is the perfect description for a man who blends 19th century spiritualism with 21st century use of ICT in order to create a show that leaves you speechless in awe at what he achieves so effortlessly on stage.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Derren Brown is his own willingness to tell people he is neither a mind reader or a spiritualist and that he, like those who claim to have such powers, uses the arts of an illusion, deception and suggestion to create these effects. So whilst you watch in wonder it things seemingly happening because of spirits visiting the stage, you are also simultaneously aware of the fact that he knows that you know it is just an illusion, and in many ways that just makes you more amazed at his abilities.

His tour de force of an ending involving a prediction made over a year ago that mirrors the sequence of random things chosen by a random group of men on stage shows what a master showman Derren Brown is.

Would I recommend this show ? Without a question of doubt yes. Absolutely bloody brilliant.

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Political Dissuasion said...

I am viciously jealous.

The guy is pure, rivetting quality.

I hate you.